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FIFA 2021 for PC is the incredible 28th game in this series. The game developers have had years to reach perfection and as a result there is little that has been interfered with to ruin the well-loved classic. As always, it is the licensing that attracts buyers, and this edition is no different with a staggering 17,000 players from 700 clubs playing in 30 leagues to choose from, swap and transfer and change the fortunes of! This means you could play out an entire season’s worth of games without repeating a player, even in the same team, if you wanted to!

So What IS New?

The ‘footage’ of the gameplay has continued on its quest towards perfect realism – perhaps better than real perfection – and the introduction of agile dribbling (which sounds like a terrible affliction of old age) makes set plays more intense and engaging than ever before. The physics engine has been tweaked to allow for subtle interventions by players, instead of the old 8-direction ‘star’ that previous iterations had the players stuck on.

The improved physics engine can be seen in ball movements and flight, with much more nuanced responses to the strength of kicks and throw-ins. The AI is more intelligent too, getting players to respond more authentically to the movement of the ball, taking up defensive or offensive positions without the player needing to micromanage every step of the way, resulting in faster and more fluid gameplay than has been seen before.

Absolutely irrelevant to the game and the team, but so much fun that they deserve a special mention are the stadium customisations, crowd chants and tifos that can be used to make your stadium your own. (Tifos are crowd-based displays, often across an entire side of a stadium, such as when each spectator is given a different colour card which, when held up, forms an enormous supportive message.) These little tweaks are ridiculous. But also fun!

The soundtrack is excellent and should be enjoyed for its own sake!

Modes of Play

  • Utimate Team – the classic mode features 100 iconic players from retirees, Eric Cantona, Petr Cech, Ashley Cole, Samuel Eto’o, Philipp Lahm, and many more, to all the names we know and love on our fields today. The mode no longer features health and stamina packs, with the player losing these during the game, but being fully restored for the next kick-off. Fitness mini games keep your players in the peak of condition
  • Career Mode – This has been dramatically improved, especially when playing in manager mode, where you can now instantly change players even during the game, when game plans change based on the opposition, weather or any other factor
  • Online play mode – Join in, play your boots off and have fun!
  • Volta Mode – More or less the same street mode as the last release, this mode allows you to get creative in a more informal setting than an official stadium surrounded by the game’s authorities!

Whichever mode you prefer, if you are an established fan of the game, and did not want massive changes but rather, just wanted a new comprehensive and up-to-date players list with slight tweaks to playability, this game is perfect for you.




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