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Included with Mafia III Deluxe Edition:

  • Mafia III base game
  • Season Pass (Includes the following DLCs: Faster, Baby!, Stones Unturned, Sign of the Times)

Lincoln Clay is no traditional hero in Mafia III. With a criminal past and having served in the army, Clay has learnt all the skills needed to bring war to the streets. Brutal and without mercy, you’ll strike fear into your enemies.
Betrayed by the Italian Mafia, you’ll lead a story of bloody revenge while rebuilding a criminal empire. Heavy weapons, hand-to-hand combat, explosives, and some very cool vehicles are just a few of the tools at your disposal.
Explore a vast sandbox map set in colourful New Bordeaux, a reimagining of New Orleans in the late 60’s. Racial tension and police corruption form the story backdrop in Mafia III, adding a new element of danger to an already threatening world.
The Season Pass adds three new chapters to play. In Faster, Baby! join forces with Roxy Laveau and bring a violent sense of justice to a rural town ruled by fear. In Stones Unturned you will aid the CIA as you try to locate a downed cargo plane. What secrets will you uncover? In Sign of the Times, you’ll hunt a mysterious cult responsible for gruesome and ritualistic murders across the bayou.



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